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this is probably one of my favorite rpgmaker games so far!! the plot twist genuinely caught me off guard and the dialogue was written so well that it only makes the truth of the situation hit even harder. incredible job, i'm happy i was able to play this!


omg wow thank you so much!! That really means a lot to me :'D I'm so glad you enjoyed my game and especially the writing-- I'm always afraid that my writing is somehow lacking so your comment really made my day! Thank you again <3  


aaaa i'm super late to the party but oh my gosh, i loved every second of this game!! the art and music were adorable! and that plot twist totally caught me off guard, haha.  i can't believe this was the first game you made :0 major thanks to everyone involved!! <3


Aww  thank you sooo much!! I'm so happy to hear that >w< It really means a lot to me-- especially that people are still playing my little ol' game! <33  You made my day haha :)

very interested to try! <3

Wow thanks! Hope you enjoy it! >w</


hope like my playthrough of this game it was Really fun hope like the thumbanail ! 

AAAH! I love it!! Thank you playing my game! <3


Was a amazing game with beautiful art and a good plot also protect Oliver at all cost ^-^!

Thank you sooo much! <3 I know this is such a late reply but wow your comment made my day! ^o^// 

Np~ just keep up what your doing <3


this game is like a whole new genre for itself l never played anything like this before.enjoyed it a lot.keep it up:)

Oh wow! That really means so much to me! :'D

Thank you!!  <3


Thank you!!

The game was adorable. I finished it in a couple hours but was enjoying it! 

I'm so sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much! I'm so happy you were able to enjoy it! <33


I havn't finished the game because I'm stuck on the part where you have to find the stuff for the cake ;w; but from what I've played it's very fun and enjoyable! I really like the game and the main boys (they're so cute! idk if they're supposed to be annoying or not but I love them)!! This is amazing for your first game :)) 

Oh wow thank you so much and thank you for playing so far! <3 Your comments means a lot to me!

I'm so happy you like the boys lol!! :)


If you're still stuck, to find the stuff for the cake you have to
(First look at the cookbook in the library area, it's the blue book that's stuck to the table I believe)

- buy the flour from the shop place
- help rearrange the animals in that tea party place
- get the remaining items from the fridge
I believe that's all!


Oh thank you so much!


Just finished it and i can say that this game is indeed impressive. Few issues here and there, mostly technical issues with a few noticable narrative issues as well, but they'll get better surely over time.

I particularly adore the casual drops of morally compromised or trope-subverting lines and actions. They add a certain sense of surrealism in a way. Love the variety in NPC's dialogues too.

Overall, an interesting game. I'll surely be waiting for your next release. Cheers!

Wow! Thank you so much!! :)

One other thing, could you please add more save slots next time around? It really bothers me since i have to replay the entire thing in order to see some particular scenes.


waaahh I wasn't expecting how it ended in first timeline XD  I really liked your game <3  Good job!

Thank you so much wow!! <33


just a word: WOW

Was this really your first game ever made? :0 woah, you did a great job! Congrats! I hope to see more works of yours soon ;D



Yep, this was my first game! So far it's my only real game but I definitely hope I can get out more games soon too :) and thanks for playing! 


The plot-twist really got me tho ;-;


Yay!! >:)

Haha thanks so much for playing! 


The design is really cute and the story is really interesting.
I understood that Oliver and Walter didn't have the same design only after an hour, Then I noticed that Oliver has folded sleeves xD
By the way, why is the game named Hansel? is it a reference to the Hansel and Gretel fairytail? Or is something else?
Sorry for the pssible bad grammar, English isn't my first language.


Awww THANK YOU!! I'm really happy you enjoyed the game! <3

"Hansel" was originally just a placeholder title until I could figure out a better title since, basically, the game is about siblings that get stuck in a witch's house similar to Hansel and Gretel. But then I couldn't think of another title so I left it lol :)


Aw I really wanna play but it says it's a Winzip file and I don't have that ;(

Hi sorry for the late reply! That's weird... thanks for letting me know! I've updated the file and I think it should be fine now. :)


Hansel was a wild ride from start to finish. The twins begin as very unlikeable brats but evolve into children struggling against the cruelties of the world who were forced to make choices to survive. I enjoyed the gameplay and puzzles typical of classic RPG Makers. Each area was fun to explore. The twist of the story caught me off-guard a little but kept me going until the end with intense interest. The only complain I have is that I got lost in the village area before the climax of helping the girl escape from the village. I didn't know I had to talk to everyone to continue to the next event. But then again, I tend to miss obvious cues. This game has been added to the list of ones that will continue to haunt me (albeit in a good way).

Aww I really appreciate your comment! I'm so happy you enjoyed playing and I'm glad you played through the twist!! And wow, that's super awesome that Hansel made it onto your list. Thank you so much!! :D

This was really cool!

Aww thank you!! And thank you so much for playing! :)

Can I do the translation into spanish?

Yeah!! That would be so awesome of you!!


i tried to launch the game but it said "you need rtp to run this program"

or something like that. it looks like a really pretty game tho :)

Oh yeah!! you can download it here!

Sorry for the late reply!! Thank you!

thank you! :)

KAWAII-DESUUUUUUUU!!! FINALLY I FOUND A CUTE GAME THATS NOT SHORT AND DOESN'T HAVE ITS OWN RTP!!! I HAVE COMPLETED MAH MISSIONNNN!!! At first, I didn't even see the game! I finally found the holy grail to my mission I just need to delete some unwanted history on google! And deleting unwanted history gives a lot of storage! The art is pretty good! In my mind I was like; "Oh no.. The screenshots.. THIS IS GOING TO TAKE A LOT OF MY STORAGE ISN'T IT?!" Then I saw the download and I was like; "I'm ded and alive. And happy. I'm stuck in purgatory." Thank the heavens for this bootiful game. :} (SOZ IF THIS IS A LOT TO READ!!)

Sorry for the super late reply!! THANK YOUUUU!! I'm gald you have completed your mission! >:D

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Ahhh T-T It's like, my third try with installing this game, and every time it's not working... This time some sort of font is missing T-T I'll try to istall it seperately, but maan why is that happening only to me...

EDIT: Got the font! And the game turned on *o*
EDIT2: Welp another thing is missing... Something about characters this time... Turns out fate just won't let me give this game a go TvT

I'm sorry!! ;w; That's so weird that the game isn't working for you?

Awh, don't bee TwT I don't blame you obviously T3T And yeaa it's super weirdd TvT

I decided to do a let’s play of this game.

Aww thank you so much for playing!! I really love your let's play *w* thanks for showing it to me !!

Woop! This game was really fun! ^^


Aww! Thank you so much for playing!! <3

I happened to stumble upon this game randomly but I love what I've gotten to play so far! I'm excited to play the rest and even though I'm only at the beginning I feel really invested in finding out what's going to happen! Besides personally finding the characters interesting I am very fond of the art and layout of the game and rooms! 

I played this game as my first "let's play" on my channel, I hope you don't mind!

Aww wow!! Thank you soooo much! I'm so happy!

I checked out your let's play too. I really enjoyed it and hope to see more in the future! Thanks for showing me!


I liked your game a lot, can I do a translation into Spanish?

Yeah! That would be so amazing of you! Thank you!


You made my day, I started yesterday with the translation.

hehehe <3 thanks

That's so awesome! Wow! Thanks again!!

About the puzzles when you got suck in a picture, the second one asked you to move two matches to get the exactly two squares, i moved the 1 and 3 and it made perfectly two squares, but why did it have to be 7 and 9? There should be more than just one solution. Plz fix it ...

Hi!! There actually is more than one solution, but 1 and 3 is not one of them. 

How did you move 1 and 3 to get two squares? ^^

ok, i read it twice and I notice the "move" thing. Sorry, I thought it has to be "removed". Thank you for pay attention to my silly suggestion

ah okay!! I know you meant well! Thanks so much!

I only discovered this game because it popped up over at GameJolt, so I somehow missed it when it first arrived on the scene here!

Got to say, I'm very glad I finally came across this little gem. To make a good RPG Maker game you need a couple of things. Original characters, an engaging story and a liberal sprinkle of quirkiness. And this game ticks all of those boxes!

The titular main characters Walter and Oliver are quite the pair, and I'm not quite sure what to make of them! They amuse and irritate me equally, and I'm curious as to what fate awaits them at the end of the game (I haven't quite finished everything yet!).

The layout of each room is lovely too, everything stands apart so well and there's a definitive unique quality to everything (I especially like the shop, that girl at the counter is very endearing!).

Finally, the puzzles are super fun, not too hard (but at times maybe a tad too easy), but overall just challenging enough to keep everything ticking along nicely.

I feel like there's going to be a sting in the tail coming my way, and I can't wait to wrap this one up. I just had to pop along and leave a review now because I'm thoroughly enjoying the experience!

Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing what you cook up next =)


Thank you so much! 

Your comment really means so much to me and it's people like you that inspire me to make more games! I'm so happy you're enjoying the game! 

On twitter I replied to your tweet about your let's play and I just wanted to say again that I had so much fun watching the video. It made my day haha

i downloaded it and for some reason it wont let me play it why is that

oh no! Does it give you an error message? Have you downloaded the rpg maker rtp? 


Okay I made an account especially to comment here, haha.

But I enjoyed playing this game so much! I really couldn't tell that this was your first game! I loved the graphics, choice of music and everything was just written so well! 

I really hope to see more things of you in the future. Keep it going! ♥


Ahhh thank you so much!! I love your comment! It means a lot to me wow ;;

I will try my best to make more games! Thank youuuu!

I really enjoyed the game! but i am confusion for the twins and mom's relationship. i think the mom's actions are understandable cuz the twins are quite naughty.  i  felt bad for their parents when the twins left. whyyyy ;u;


Thank you! <3

Yeah, the mom and the twins don't have a good relationship! And the twins also only think about themselves. They're very selfish! ^^

For a first game this is astounding! I think the ending is a bit abrupt and doesn't quite make sense, though.


Wow thank you so much! That means a lot to me!

I agree, the ending is a little abrupt so I hope that for future games I can make endings clear and smooth!

Wow i didn't expect the plot twist in this game.  The twins are quirky, mean and funny xD. Their blonde hair is too die for. I really mean it. The puzzle are fairly easy and quick to solve. The transition of story is smooth, need to replay after the first playthrough just too get the true/good ending really lift the mysteries on Walter's flashback.  Reminded me of Alice Mare, lol.

I have a question, did the mother act like that before their papa went sick?

By the way, great game! This game deserve to get more recognition.

Thank you so much!! Wow really  ;u; <33

Yep, the mom is just a really mean person ^o^

This game was one of the cutest games that I've played in a while, from the design elements to the character interactions. 

Well done.~

Aww wow thank you soooo much ;o;// I'm glad you liked it!!